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Employment Opportunities

All vacancies for permanent, athletic/activity, and summer positions will be posted on WECAN (Wisconsin Education Career Access Network).  If you wish to be considered for a vacancy, please visit WECAN.
For substitute positions, please refer to the "Substitute Positions" page for information on how to apply for these vacancies based on type of substituting desired.

To apply through WECAN, you will be required to establish a free (certified staff) account and complete the standard application.  When setting up a new account, be sure to use the "Certified Staff" link to create a new application (regardless of the position you are applying for.)  After completing the standard application you will need to visit the "Vacancy Listings" link and search for the appropriate vacancy ID # to submit your application to a specific vacancy.
***Please Note: All of our open positions can only be accessed under the "Certified Staff" link.***

If you have questions about our new application process, please contact Human Resources at 608-526-6610.  You may also refer to the WECAN Online Application General Instructions document for a step-by-step guide on how to create an account and apply for a vacancy.

To view the full online postings for any vacancies, and to apply, please click on the following link: view online postings

After you submit your application on WECAN:
  1. Carefully read the confirmation page.  On this page you can verify that your application has been submitted, determine if additional attachments or assessments are needed, and provides additional instructions from the Employer.
  2. Please verify that you have submitted all of the required materials for the vacancy desired.  You can review the vacancies that you have successfully applied to by going to the main menu and clicking on the "Application History" link.  On this page you can verify the date and time that your application was submitted to a vacancy and if an online cover letter (OCL) is required.
  3. Permanent positions:  once the application review process is complete, selected applicants will be contacted for an interview.
  4. Substitute positions:  you will receive an email within a few days providing you with additional instructions.
  5. Athletic/Activity positions:  selected applicants will be contacted by the Activities Director.
  6. Summer positions:  selected applicants will be contacted by the Summer School Principal or Building Supervisor.