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District and Schools Report Cards 2015-2016

On Thursday, November 17, the Wisconsin DPI (Department of Public Instruction) publicly released the 2015-16 School Report Cards for every public school in every district in Wisconsin.  Also included in this release is a District Report Card that is a composite of the individual school report cards. Please find the report card for the School District of Holmen by clicking on this link.
The goal of these report cards is to help parents understand how their child's school/district is doing and to help schools identify where they can improve to help all children learn, advance to the next grade, and graduate ready for college and a career.  Click on this link to access the DPI website that lists the report cards for every district and school in the state.  This site also contains links to a parent guide, interpretive guide and technical guides to the report cards.  
The School District of Holmen has earned an overall  “Exceeds Expectations" rating on this year's report card with a score of 77.0. Below is a listing of our schools, their ratings, and links to each individual school’s report card.
We are proud of the work of our students and staff in the School District of Holmen, and we look forward to continuing our school improvement efforts to fulfill our vision of Educating Every Student To Achieve Global Success
If you have any questions about the school report cards, please feel free to contact Wendy Savaske at 608-526-1328 or your child's building principal.​
Prairie View Elementary - Significantly Exceeds Expectations
Viking Elementary - Significantly Exceeds Expectations
Evergreen Elementary - Exceeds Expectations
Sand Lake Elementary - Exceeds Expectations
Holmen Middle School - Exceeds Expectations
Holmen High School - Meets Expectations