Holmen Public Preschool

Play, Learn and Grow Together

Welcome to the world of Speech/Language in the Holmen School District's Public Preschool Program!  If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email or call me.  I would be happy to discuss with you!  In January,  I will be screening the articulation (sound production) skills of children who are in the 4K program.  I also evaluate the speech/language development of some 3-4 -5 year olds.   In addition to the evaluation component, I  provide speech/language therapy for a number of  preschool children.   As a speech/language pathologist, I evaluate communication, which includes sound production, voice, fluency, and language development.  Language includes vocabulary/concepts, syntax (word order) and grammar, length of utterance, and how children use their language skills functionally.  Children's speech/language skills develop at different rates during these years.  It's a very exciting and important time.  In addition to helping your children, I want to be a resource for you.  I look forward to meeting, sharing and working with you and your children!
Mary Hendrickson
Speech/Language Pathologist 
608-526-1381 ext. 4461