Holmen Public Preschool

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A Little About Our 4K Classroom and A Typical Day...
 Welcome to 4K - Our classroom is room 403 at Prairie View Elementary.  There are at least 2 adults/teachers in our classroom at all times.  Miss Jules is the classroom teacher and Miss Lee is the EA assigned to the classroom.
We also have a classroom pet -  our goldfish "Otto."  otto
Sign in and Table Activities: During this time, students begin their day by signing in then choosing a table to work at.  Children rotate to all 3 tables unless all tables are doing the same activity. Typical activities might include: interacting with manipulatives (puzzles, legos, pattern blocks, etc.), writing, drawing, practicing math or literacy skills, strengthening finger muscles with fine motor activities. Some days may include art projects, Handwriting Without Tears lessons, practice listening and following directions and common assessments.


Circle Time: Circle time is a large group time where we sing songs, dance, talk about the calendar and weather. We also enjoy listening to a story and focus on literacy skills development.

circle time carpet
Choice Time (including snack): Choice time lasts approximately 1 hour. During this time, children make choices as to which interest areas they will visit and where/who they will play with. Interest areas include: blocks, dramatic play, art, writing, discovery center, toys and games, sensory table, library corner, snack center, music and movement. All learning objectives (from Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards & The Creative Curriculum) are integrated into the intentionally planned activities within the learning environment. My role during choice time is to facilitate learning and guide children’s understanding of concepts and skills they are working on. During choice time, individual student goals are also worked on and some small group activities are led by the teacher.  Teachers also take observations of children during choice time to guide planning for future activities and progression of skill development


Large Motor Time: Everyday, we engage in large motor activities. Sometimes this occurs within the classroom, sometimes it might involve activities in the gym and many times happens outside on the playground. 

In my classroom, expectations are high for both student learning and school behaviors.  I feel it is important for children at this age to develop positive school behaviors that will help them become high achievers in future school years!  My number one job is to help prepare my students for kindergarten - socially, emotionally and academicallyThis is achieved by using research based best practices for teaching and providing a developmentally appropriate learning environment.