School District of Holmen

Educating Every Student to Achieve Global Success

Volunteers of all ages (18 to 90+) have signed up to help our Holmen students be their very best. People provide assistance with reading and math, classroom and library activities, athletic events, field trips, lunchroom organization, playground time, street crossing, and many more activities and events. We thank our volunteers for sharing their talents and time with our students and staff. Sharing is caring!    
Note: At the June 13, 2016 meeting, the School Board of Education has approved changes to our administrative rule 815 School Volunteers. Starting with the 2016-2017 school year, new and current volunteers will be asked to submit a registration/renewal form annually, preferably at the beginning of the school year. Background checks will be performed during the initial registration, then every four years, or more often if deemed necessary. Paper forms will be available during registration in August and in your school's main office. If you have any questions, contact your school's administrative office.
As a volunteer, you are responsible to review the Volunteer Handbook and familiarize yourself with the expectations. If you have volunteered in the past, please ensure your name is listed in the directory prior to making any commitments. If you are a new volunteer, please fill out and submit the Volunteer Registration Form to Stacy Lockington (, while allowing two weeks for processing. For the status of your application, check the directory, as your name will be added to it once approved. If declined, you will receive a letter in the mail with the explanation along with a copy of the background check results.