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Mrs. King
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Welcome to Nutrition Services

The vision of the Student Universal Nutrition Program within the School District of Holmen is to find the solutions to advance the nutritional and educational goals of the district through:
  • Helping to educate our students as to the importance of healthy eating habits.
  • Providing nutritionally balanced meals.
  • Striving to teach life long nutritional values, to students and the community as a whole.
  • Representation of the School District in a professional way that will ensure its credibility in the community.


The School District of Holmen believes:                                                     

  • That a healthy, well nourished child is better prepared to learn.
  • In providing meals and nutrition services for all students and staff.
  • The District may also provide services to programs outside the District when resources allow and when mutual benefits are derived.
  • All children need to receive nutritionally adequate meals and nutrition education. The District will design the School Nutrition Program to encourage students to participate.
  • The School Nutrition Program shall serve as a learning laboratory to the instructional program, providing nutritional information and food service technology, as related to the curriculum.
  • The District shall promote public policy which will provide adequate funding for child nutrition programs in schools


"This institution is an equal opportunity provider."