What is PBIS?


    A context for positive behavior support at HHS:

    --PBIS is a redesign of environments, not the redesign of individuals

    --PBIS plans and describes what we (staff) will do differently; unite us systemically in how we approach behaviors and acknowledgements at HHS

    --PBIS plans based on identification of the behavioral function of problem behaviors and the lifestyle goals of an individual students

    ---As much as possible, decision making is based upon data

    --Goal of improving school culture and climate to allow for more focus on learning


    MISSION: PBIS exists to create and promote systems that staff can use to acknowledge and reteach students in the areas of academics and behavior so that HHS is a safe, positive place where all students can thrive and learn. 

    Vision: Holmen High School will maintain an environment that is safe, consistent, and positive for all staff and students by having shared values, common language, and consistent systems.