• Parenting in the Digital Age

    The increased prevalence of technology in students' lives generates concern from parents.   Are students spending too much of their day in front of a screen?  Is technology helping or hindering their education?   Are students appropriately balancing in-person interactions with their use of digital communication tools and social media?    These are fair questions, and have been tackled by many professionals in fields from education to technology to mental health.  
    Use the resources provided here to find the fit that is right for your family. If you have additional resources to share, we welcome your input.   Please contact Greg Krueger at krugre@holmen.k12.wi.us or Lisa Risch at rislis@holmen.k12.wi.us if you have any questions.

    Using technology effectively to enhance student learning is a focus of our teachers.  Digital citizenship is a topic embedded in curriculum across all grade levels.  Regardless, parents play a pivotal role in continuing this education and reinforcing these important concepts outside of the school day.