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    Hello! Thank you for visiting our page. The Holmen School District services a large population of English Language Learners. These students encounter certain linguistic challenges in both social and academic settings.

    ELL students are assessed yearly by the ACCESS test; this state-wide assessment measures students' linguistic growth in all four language domains (reading, writing, listening and speaking) on a scale from 1 (little to no English proficiency) to 6 (proficiency at the same level as a native speaker of English). 

    As a department, our goal is to provide English Language Learners at Holmen High School with the support, tools and knowledge to succeed socially and academically; additionally, the language skills our students acquire benefit their post-secondary choices – be it further schooling, the workforce, or the military.

    Currently we utilize a variety of strategies to service students:

    -         The resource room provides all ELLs with a safe, quiet place to study, complete assessments, and prepares them for their classes. It is open throughout the school day.

    -        The ESL classes focus on strengthening a student’s core language domains (reading, writing, listening and speaking); currently, we offer three levels of ESL classes: ESL 1 (beginner), ESL 2 (intermediate), and ESL 3 (advanced)

    -         Team-taught classes allow the ESL staff to work closely with a core-curriculum teacher in aiding students with reading comprehension, vocabulary acquisition, and study strategies.

    If you have any questions in regards to our department and program, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

    Thank you!

    Kris Hammes & Tamara Byrne