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    School District of Holmen
    District Office
    1019 McHugh Road
    Holmen, WI 54636-9296
    Phone:  608.526.6610
    Fax:  608.526.1333
    Office Hours:7:30 AM-4:00 PM
     Dr. Kris Mueller  
    District Administrator
    Dr. Kristin Mueller (Biography) 
    Assoc. District Administrator
    for Support Services & Human Resources
    Jay Clark (Biography) 
    Director of Curriculum & Instructional Services
    Director of Student Services
    Greg Krueger headshot
    Director of I&T Services
    Stacy Lockington
    Exec. Assistant to Dr. Mueller
    Wendy McCoy
    Exec. Assistant to J. Clark


  • Welcome and thank you for your interest in exploring the School District of Holmen.

    This web site is one of the communication avenues we use to keep our students, parents, staff, and community connected to the District. I encourage you to use it to stay informed with the great endeavors undertaken by our staff and students.
    There are countless links with essential information for just about everyone. As you travel through our site, I hope you will sense Holmen’s genuine commitment to providing the best education possible for our students.
    The vision of the School District is to educate every student to achieve global success. We strongly believe in our mission which is to educate and inspire students today and prepare them for tomorrow by:

    • Ensuring that all students learn at high levels.
    • Developing the following 21st Century Skills: innovation, creativity, collaboration, communication, initiative, problem-solving, critical thinking, leadership, self-direction, responsibility, interpersonal skills, cross-cultural skills, and computer and media literacy.
    • Achieving a deeply held partnership with the entire community.
    • Operating and acting in a fiscally responsible manner while ensuring well-rounded educational experiences.
    The Board of Education has established focus areas that guide our efforts and work. The leadership of the Board ensures high expectations in everything we do, beginning with a commitment to improving student learning and achievement.

    I value your input and feedback as we collaborate to improve in our journey to ensure all students achieve at the highest level. As we manage the District’s continued growth, collaborate and partner with vital stakeholders, I hope you will join us in our pursuit to become a premiere school district of choice where every student achieves.

    If you are visiting our site for the first time, please take time to discover who we are. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Again, welcome, and enjoy your visit.

    Dr. Kristin Mueller
    District Administrator