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  • Holmen High School
    Activities Department
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    Holmen, WI 54636-9296
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    Activities Director
    High School Activities Administrative Assistant
    Middle School Administrative Assistant
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    8:30 am - 5:00 pm
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News and Information

  • The Holmen School District has a long tradition of supporting co-curricular activities and understanding the positive influences these activities have on the development of our students. We strongly believe co-curricular activities are an extension of the learning experiences happening each day in our elementary, middle and high school classrooms. The co-curricular activities Holmen School District offers aid students in developing leadership, communication, teamwork, dedication and commitment skills. We encourage our students to be involved in a variety of activities to expose themselves to different learning environments helping our students develop into well-rounded individuals. Through the guidance and teaching of our outstanding advisers and coaches our students learn to build friendships and find a role within a group to accomplish the goals of each activity .Through co-curricular activities our students also learn to prioritize and balance their lives. These skills help our students mature into successful and productive adults and prepare them to be successful in their future endeavors. We are truly grateful to our school board, booster club and community for the support and positive encouragement they contribute to making our programs successful. The strong partnership between our school district leaders, community members, parents, students and staff allows for Holmen School District to have some of the finest programs in the state.

    Thank you for all that you do!
                                                 Go Vikings!!!!





    ·Support performers / athletes

    ·Follow all facility expectations and guidelines

    ·Demonstrate Viking Pride

    ·Disposeof trash appropriately

    ·Follow the co-curricular code expectations

    ·Support your school by wearing school colors and participate in the school song and cheers


    ·Keep remarks and gestures positive and polite

    ·Be involved appropriately

    ·Be welcoming to opponents / fans

    ·Demonstrate positive school spirit

    ·Use appropriate language and cheers approved by the WIAA

    ·Make sure you are not obstructing others’ view

    BE SAFE:

    ·Enter and exit in an orderly manner

    ·Stay in designated event areas

    ·Keep all personal items off event area