• Reading Together Program in the School District of Holmen offers 4K and kindergarten children a fifteen minute daily one-to-one session with a trained facilitator. This program implements the research surrounding the importance of both early intervention programs and reading aloud to children. Children learn to love books and the importance of learning to read.

    Each child in the district is given Marie Clay's Concept of Print Survey in September. Those who qualify for the program are contacted by the classroom teacher and facilitator. 

    On this website we have our facilitators demonstrating reading strategies used in the Reading Together Program.  We encourage parents to watch the videos and apply the strategy to books they read at home with their child.

    The program began in 1996 and last year 90 children in the program read 20,292 books. If you would like a copy of the reading together handbook, please contact Amy Stoeckly, District Reading Specialist @stoamy@holmen.k12.wi.us .
  • What you can do to help your child become a reader

    1. Talk about books with your child.

    2. Read to them, read with them, and listen as they read!

    3. Share what you are reading and writing. Seeing parents as readers/writers is powerful.

    4. Get a library card.

    5. Keep reading and writing materials available.

    6. Read aloud to your child.

    7. Become active parents with literacy.








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