• green Virtual Backpack
    The School District of Holmen has implemented a “green” approach for distributing flyers from community organizations, and has discontinued the process of sending paper flyers in your student's backpack, unless they are school related. For your convenience, the flyers are divided on the left hand side into three categories, based on grade levels (Pre-Kindergarten/Elementary, Middle, and High).
    Note that most of these advertisements are not district publications (unless marked). The District enables their online distribution as a community service to inform you of educational opportunities, activities and events available in our area. Prior approval must be received before they are made available in the Virtual Backpack (see Distribution of Materials). Requestors will be asked to provide a limited number of paper copies which will be made available in the main office of the building(s).

    If you have questions related to this procedure, call 608-526-1320.

    For questions related to the activities/events shared, please contact the organizers directly.